The latest Netflix success, Stranger Things, is predicted to influence many costume choices this Halloween, with a dress worn by Eleven leading the way according to Lyst.

The fashion website expects many to don a pink dress, with sporty white tube socks and a blonde wig, potentially accompanied by fake blood as an accessory, to recreate her telepathy nosebleeds.

A pink Peter Pan collar dress from Asos was viewed once every three minutes last week, Lyst revealed, while for every person who searched “pink collar dress”, 80 per cent of them also searched “tube socks” in the same seven-day period.

Another character from the successful sci-fi series who is expected to feature at plenty of parties is Barb. Compared to this time last month, there has been a 42 per cent rise in page views on Barb-style ruffled and pussy bow blouses.

While Stranger Things clearly looks set to be a popular source of inspiration for costumes this Halloween, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn costume is expected to be the top choice for partygoers. While Suicide Squad was a bit of a flop itself, Robbie and her costume came out of it pretty well, meaning there is likely to be a lot of them around come 31 October.