Customers of McDonald’s restaurants in Japan will be able to order a new creation off the menu for Halloween: Choco-Pumpkin Fries.

Yes, the fast food giant is selling ‘spooky’ french fries which are covered in chocolate and pumpkin sauce. They come as standard fries, but then customers squirt small packets of the sauces over the fries. Simple. But how does it taste?

One customer, 22-year-old Ayano Ishikama, said: “The flavours of pumpkin and chocolate went unexpectedly well and it was quite tasty.”

The bizarre Halloween Choco Potato option has been created to celebrate the 45th anniversary of McDonald’s in Japan, a country where having pumpkin-spiced food and drink is a tradition during October.

The Halloween food comes just after the company introduced the McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce in Japan, which is the same product but with white chocolate sauce instead of pumpkin sauce, to go with the milk chocolate sauce.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any immediate plans for either of the fries to be introduced elsewhere, so McDonald’s customers in the UK and US will miss out on trying the unusual concoctions.