Pumpkins shaped to resemble one of the most recognisable cartoon characters in history have been created by a British farmer for Halloween.

The Mickey Mouse-shaped pumpkins were grown by David Bowman on his Lincolnshire farm using a special mould and a seed variety called, appropriately, Cinderella.

The specially designed moulds were fitted to the pumpkins while they were in the early stages of growth, and then left until the crop grew and ripened from green to orange.

Mr Bowman, whose farm is the largest pumpkin supplier in Europe, said the timing was particularly crucial as the pumpkins may have simply outgrown the moulds if they were applied too early, and returned to a round shape.

“They’ve turned out well but, because they are such an unusual shape, people think they’re fake,” the farmer commented.

“We have had a few challenges because of the bad summer this year but we’ve grown a good Mickey crop.”

They unique vegetables will be on display at Disneyland Paris this weekend as part of its Halloween Festival .

“It’s great that the rest of the world will now get to enjoy them,” Mr Bowman added.