The largest crop of pumpkins has been harvested by a British farmer for Halloween jackolanterns .

David Bowman Ltd farm in Spalding, Lincolnshire has three million pumpkins growing at their 500 acre farm despite a heat wave of this summer and then the torrential rain.

The pumpkins are now ready to be harvested and staff are working around the clock to finish in time for the 31st October. Workers at the farm are processing 100,000 pumpkins a day in time for Halloween.

David Bownam, the 62 year old farmer, has 37 years’ experience growing pumpkins said he ‘can’t wait’ for the end of the harvest. He added “It’s been a very average year in terms of the pumpkin crop because the weather was either too dry or too wet over the summer.

“‘But we still expect to harvest around three million pumpkins which is a marvellous crop for an average year.

“We are so busy at the moment getting everything for Halloween and I will just be glad when it’s all over on November the first.

“When you are carving out your pumpkin this year think about us harvesting in the wind and rain.”

Some of the harvested pumpkins will go abroad to Holland and Spain but the majority will go to British supermarkets .