Supermarket chain Waitrose is offering shoppers the chance to buy an extra large pumpkin for their Halloween celebrations .

The retailer last week launched the mighty Sumo pumpkin, which is up to five times the size of a regular pumpkin and weighs a hefty 40kg.

The Sumo is the largest vegetable available in a UK supermarket and contains up to 30kg of flesh, which is enough for 120 bowls of pumpkin soup or 360 slices of pie.

Waitrose vegetable Buyer, Kate Prall said, “Sumos will certainly raise a few eyebrows down our vegetable aisles.”

“It’s the first time we have sold such a super-sized product which is the width of our trollies. This is our largest ever range of pumpkins and our Sumo will feed a houseful of guests at your Halloween party .”

For those who looking to celebrate Halloween with something smaller, Waitrose is also offering a Hallo-weenie pumpkin which at 100g is 400 times lighter than a Sumo.

The Hallo-weenie is ideal for children looking to carve pumpkins for their windowsill, and according to Waitrose is also a delicious treat when baked and served with butter.