The first ever purple potatoes called the “Purple Majesty” have gone on sale at Sainsburys supermarket this week, just in time for Halloween .

These purple majesty potatoes, which are both purple inside and out, will not only look great for Halloween but they are also healthy.

According to the Scottish producer of the potatoes Albert Bartlett, “these potatoes contain at least nine times more antioxidants than standard potatoes.”

Gillian Kynoch, the head of development at Albert Bartlett said: ‘This potato is a real superhero, packing a powerful nutritional punch while tasting as delicious as more familiar varieties.” and “they perform beautifully in the kitchen, mashing, baking, roasting and microwaving to perfection, and make spectacular chips and crisps.”

Supplies of the purple spuds will only be available a selected Sainsburys stores as only a limited stock was grown this year, however bigger crops are planned for next year.

Liz Jarman, head of product technology at Sainsburys says, “We believe Purple Majesty could become the prince of potatoes, heralding the start of a long purple reign. We’re expecting sales to peak over Halloween because purple mash, crisps and wedges will be a ghoulish treat at childrens parties .”