Residents of a tiny rural community in Leicestershire have been warned against celebrating Halloween .

Villagers residing in the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire, have been sent copies of the Belvoir Angel magazine, which includes an article titled “Halloween Isn’t a Treat – Don’t be Tricked”.

The article says that people who take part in Halloween celebrations are “siding with the Devil and all his works”.

“On this evening, normally law-abiding people damage the property of those whom they should be good neighbours…it is a concentration on evil and making fun of potentially dangerous situations,” it reads.

More than 500 copies of the magazine have been sent to homes in the villages or left in churches for people to collect, promoting anger from local Parishioners.

The author of the article is unknown, but magazine editor, Peter Briant, said it had been written by a member of a local Christian group and had been approved by “a team vicar” before being printed.

“If people don’t like it then that is their opinion,” he said. “It is a warning that it can be dangerous. It is a slippery slope…it opens doors to things.”