Trick or treaters across Wiltshire are being warned to be on their best behaviour this Halloween .

As part of a drive to crack down on anti-social behaviour, Wiltshire Police are asking parents and carers across the county to be aware of their children’s behaviour and activities during Halloween, as residents can be distressed and frightened by unexpected callers.

Potential trick or treaters are being advised to stick with an adult, stay in well-lit areas, avoid talking to strangers and to only approach properties if you know who lives there.

Those who do not want to be disturbed this Halloween can download a poster stating ‘Sorry, no trick or treat here please’ from the Wiltshire Police website ( and display it on the front door or in the front window of their property . The poster can also be collected from Salisbury Police Station.

Officers have warned that anyone who is caught using eggs and flour to vandalise a could face a 3-month jail sentence or a fine of up to £2,500, while those who repeatedly disturb residents could also receive fines of up to £1,000 or 14 days inside jail.

Inspector Nick Bancroft said: “Halloween should be a fun time for all, but there are some people who become distressed and frightened when unknown callers, dressed in masks and costumes, knock at their doors.”

“I am asking that everyone heeds the advice that we have given, and by behaving responsibly and within the law, everyone can enjoy a relaxed, enjoyable evening.”