Halloween is fast approaching, and now is the time to start thinking about costumes and scary food concoctions. It’s always fun to try something new.

This year should not be an exception. To help you create something different Horrible Science kits have come up with four kits especially for Halloween:

• Bulging Brains – scare your friends by casting and painting your own brain, carry out brain experiments and discover facts about the brain;

• Savage spiders – catch flies and anything else that flies by spinning a springy spider’s web. Find out why and how spiders spin webs and discover other webby facts;

• Spooky stars – become a stargazer by making a spooky Star Show and find out why stars are scary;

• Eerie Eyeball – create your own eyeball and watch it evaporate before your eyes, you can also peer into it or use it as part of your costume.

All kits come in handy sized bags that have everything you need to perform brilliantly wicked, tummy turning experiments in your home . Accompanying the kits are fully illustrated instructions, facts and explanations.

Other kits available in the range are Heaving Heart, Slimy Slugs, Weird Worms, Sick Stomach to name but a few. With such a wide range of kits there should be something to suit all interests.

The kits are widely available from all major retailers on the high street and online.