English Heritage sites across the country are gearing up for Halloween by showing their well known spooky sites in a different light. The changing colours of vegetation and lengthening shadows give an eerie feel to many of West Midland’s finest ruins.

The majority of sites are busy in the summer months but in the autumn and winter months visitors can see a different side to the ruins. The majority of the sites in the West Midlands are open all year round.

Visitors to Kenilworth Castle claim to have seen phantom soldiers that march around the castle grounds. The Clunicac ruins of Wenlock Priory, near Telford has had reported sightings of monks and a variety of unexplained phenomenon. Witley Court near Worcester has colourful flora and fauna in all seasons and is famous for its bats that are roosting at this time of year. Goodrich Castle has stunning views across the River Wye and is said to be haunted to the spirits of two tragic lovers. The lovers were swept away to their deaths during a violent storm as they tried to escape from the castle that was under siege. It is said that during storms, shrieks can be heard from the river.

Andrea Fox, English Heritage’s territorial marketing manager said, “The autumn is a spectacular time at many of our sites; bright coloured leaves contrasting with dark shadows to completely change the appearance of the old masonry.

“As the wildlife prepares for winter, it is a fantastic time to spot lots of wildlife out and about on the sites, but with Halloween fast approaching, it is also a great time for our younger visitors to look into the colourful past of the castles and discover some of the spooky secrets that lurk within the walls!”

A visit to Kenilworth Castle or Goodrich Castle this half term is a must as they will have activities for the young. Goodrich Castle has a pumpkin trail around the grounds and the tea room will have Halloween themed food .