The oldest college in Cambridge, Peterhouse, is haunted it is claimed by a former bursar who hanged himself in the 18th century.

The first sightings were reported in spring 1997. The body of Mr Dawes was found in the combination room, at 13th century oak-panelled room, that links to the fellows’ dining room .

It has been said that some members of staff would not enter the room. Two butlers did see the ghost moving across the room before vanishing near the spot where Dawes body was found.

It has been alleged that Mr Dawes committed suicide after Francis Barnes was elected Master of Peterhouse.

Mr Dawes, then in his 60s blamed himself for Barnes’ victory as he oversaw the election which had an element of skulduggery. The election of Barnes was not a popular one and Dawes, a respected classicist felt he was to blame for the unpopular victory.