Halloween is fast approaching and Suffolk police are asking people to be tolerant of high spirited youngsters having a good time.

Posters have been designed to address safety issues at specifically at Halloween and will be distributed to schools and businesses . In particular the posters warn of the dangers of selling eggs to youngsters and letting children knock on strangers’ doors unaccompanied.

Residents who do not want to participate in the fun can put a poster in their window to let trick or treaters know that “The occupants of this house kindly ask you not to call on Halloween”.

Another poster asks shops to be careful who they sell eggs to, as those caught throwing eggs will be taken to court for criminal damage .

The final poster gets parents thinking about letting their children knocking on strangers’ doors unsupervised.

Ben Cook, crime reduction officer said, “We hope this year people will take a responsible attitude to Halloween.

“Thanks to continuing support from the media, members of the public have responded well to our requests for them to act responsibly over the last few years.

“There will be extra patrols throughout the county, the helicopter will be deployed and each area has a set of initiatives for tackling any disturbances caused by unruly celebrations .

“We don’t want youngsters to think we are picking on them and trying to spoil their fun. Indeed I would also like to appeal to the public in general to be a little more tolerant of the antics of those celebrating Halloween.”