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      We absolutely love scary stories – it’s one of the best things about Halloween. The right one will leave your readers terrified, shivering with fear in their beds at night, with every small sound spooking them!

      Fancy yourself as a storyteller? Then submit your best attempt at a spooky Halloween story for others to read, or if you’re looking for a good fright then check out other submissions!

    • Adam
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      About 2 years ago a boy called Harry lived in a little cottage with his aunty this cottage was in the middle of nowhere and 2 miles from the shops and other people. This meant that he was on his own for a long time when his aunt went to get food suplys and this is the story of his long break…..

      It was 5 days before halloween and Harry was getting ready for a halloween fancy dress party
      “Harry I’ve got to go pick up some party food” Auntie stacy called up the stairs.
      “ok Stacy” Harry called back
      “I’ll be longer then usual because I’m going to get some decorations” Stacy closed the door behind her.
      Harry was upstairs making some invitations
      “Simon, Lucy, Peter, Sam, Jessica, Tim, Amber and Mike done!” Harry listed to himself. He then went outside and posted the invites whilst he was doing this he heard footsteps behind him
      “Auntie Stacy?” he asked hopefully. there was no reply he heard yet another sound this was different from before this sound was of someone opening a door he turned round quikley to only see the door swinging back and forth
      “hello! anyone there?” Yet again no answer He walked forward into the house there was lots of sounds and foot steps all around him
      “hello?” Harry shouted “anyone there”
      “Whats up harry” Auntie Stacy replied. Harry turned round to see auntie Stacy standing in the doorway with her car keys in her hands
      “the roads were closed” She explained “I’m going to have to go tomorrow instead”
      “auntie Stacy”
      “Yes whats up darling”
      “we dont have ghosts do we” Harry asked hoping she would say no
      “Not that I know of, no” She replied
      “Why did you ask that?” antie stacy asked
      “Oh, no reason” he said trying not to worry her

      Finaly the Halloween had come and harry was waiting for his guests to arive.
      “When do you thing they’ll arive Stacy?” Harry asked as he asked that the TV turned on with a report of his friend being murderd by a man who was thought to be dead 20 years ago.
      “Simon!” Then the stereo turned on with a nother report of a Amber and Jessica found dead in there beds
      “NO!” then if that wasn’t to much bundles of letters crashed through the letter box saying that all of his friends were all dead.
      “WHATS GOING ON HERE!” Harry shouted. The party was stoped and Harry went to bed that night he heard the front door open downstairs so he got up and went down stairs to check if his aunt was ok but instead he saw a man in a long coat and stage mask chop his aunt into two with a chain saw singing

      I’m going to get ya
      I’m going to kill ya
      I’m going to slice ya
      I’m going to chop ya

    • Sophie
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      There was once a girl called Kerry and she went to a fair. There was loads of clowns and one of them was sitting down with a knife. Kerry asked the clown why he had a knife. The clown suddenly stabbed Kerry! But kerry survived. She was scared of clowns forever. One day her dad got a job as a clown in the fair and Kerry was really scared. She went on a rollercoaster to take her mind off clowns and the rollercoaster crashed. Kerry survived again. 6 years later, Kerry is 15. She goes to the same fair she almost died in twice. She took the job of a clown bravely, since there was no other jobs in her town. She was walking the tightrope when suddenly she fell. She died. The world of clowns finally took her.

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