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      There isn’t much in life that beats Halloween food. There are absolutely loads of delicious, frightening treats and recipes to try out, which look incredible! Why not bake a cake that looks just like a witch’s head, or cupcakes with spider webs made out of icing?

      Give your taste buds a night to remember and check out tons of Halloween recipes, or if you have one, add it in!

    • Rebecca
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      You will need:-
      white bread
      jam (strawberry)
      peanut butter
      rolling pin

      Get as many pieces of bread as you want. Cut of the crusts. Use your rolling pin to flatten the bread. Spread peanut butter over the bread. Roll the bread up and slap on a dolop of jam on the bottom. Spread some peanut butter on one side of the almond and stick it on to the top.

    • emily
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      you will need:
      a clean rubber glove
      sweet sauce
      green jelly
      halloween sweets

      1. por green jelly into rubber glove.
      2. seal the rubber glove with an elestic band.
      3.up in frige to set.
      4. when set take out of frige .
      5. take off the ruber glove.
      6.put on plate.
      7. pour red sauce all over the hand .
      8.put creepy sweets on like bats.
      9.there you have a horrible hand.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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