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Saief    GXqdooktG  01/12/2012 01:24:45
pAs u enquire about me, my gals think that Gemaine Greer was right to say our stviee did strange things to animals. We do not lock girls up in zoos any more so why wild animals? American penthouse is a bit sus. Read Ozzie playboy, always girls outdoors, looking lost in the bush. They do not complain if they sit on an ants nest, or get blisters on their feet from trying to find a breathtaking Ozzie photoshoot.Me son, who chooses to be a dragqueen, does not go for Germaine, as she is on record as saying she does not like dragqueens. Germaine does not represent all liberated women either even if she her ego thinks she does.It is embarassing being an Aussie as it must be, an American. Be careful not to upset me I feel sensitive and fragile and I do not have a big neck and it is not red. I look over my shoulder when changing lanes as I know of the blindspot.I am surely a little perverted to go to your site. I go to church and pray about it. I usually am at nick's site, do u know him? It is similar but more me style, as a middle aged man of 4. There are women there who can write! I hope to play with them like a stingray, in good aussie form. All girl's are like stingrays and u r right i am one big crocodile. see u in a while. luv and smooches, Harley Davids, son of a burnt out backsider rider. do u know who I really am/are? I wish some one knew.]]/p

spook Hook
koni    Weymouth   31/10/2012 11:03:10
Once there was a captin his name was captin glory he was robber he steald gold and silver but once the ghost came to him and told to take of his jumper and t-shirt and then the ghost wiped his neck and back he was all in blood and from that moment
Captin glory was in hell with the ghost happy haloween

i love my boy
shaw mason    old people home  17/11/2011 12:56:32
i love my boyfriend cole denton he is very sexy xx lovee yoou cole xxx

i love boys.
cole denton    asda  17/11/2011 12:55:41
i am a homo-sexual and i looooove my bf shaw mason:) and i visit the old peoples home with him much loveeee...xxxx

i love boys.
cole denton    asda  17/11/2011 12:55:41
i am a homo-sexual and i looooove my bf shaw mason:) and i visit the old peoples home with him much loveeee...xxxx

cheese     a shop  17/11/2011 10:48:52
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quahisd    bDjQDIDHVGamuU  15/11/2011 20:24:08
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Chloe    New York  09/11/2011 11:39:01
I no where u live and your school is kba and im ginger

xffiurjdxhe    New York  09/11/2011 08:33:04
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a whole 25 minites of seilence
Eve    America  07/11/2011 21:20:54
One day a girl named caitlin got the role in the school play twice in two years the lady of shalot and the match girl one day caitlins enimy (michelle) was so furiouse so in the school play michelle got the matches off the match girl and burnt caitlin and the whole church as caitlin told her boyfreind danny she loved him she burn to death caitlin was dead michelles eyes went open wide with shock 1 year later michelle asked danny out danny was so sicked he said yes michelle and danny were together for 5 years now they were all 16 michelle got a baby sister named april one day michelles dad got april a puppy you see michelle wanted a puppy since she turned 13 michelle was furious and went to argue with her dad then she saw april go down the stairs with her puppy michelle started going up too the puppy squieled and ran down the stairs when aprill tryed to follow after it michelle pulled aprils hands and let go BANG april was dead When 30 years past michelle got a criminal record and was sent to jail she sielently died cause she was so bored now she hunts every christmas to throw matches in 10 to 6 teen kids.

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